Freewill Donations for Charity Project with Denis Miki Foundation

In November 2009, the United Nations declared July 18 to be Nelson Mandela International Day (”Mandela Day”) to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela on the anniversary of his birth. The Mandela Day Humanitarian Drive by Denis Miki Foundation #MandelaDayWithDMF) is a project activity scheduled to be carried out on the 18th of July, 2019 in the town of Limbe that will consist of door-to-door distribution of gift packs to vulnerable people in vulnerable neighborhoods of Limbe. The activity will start at 10am and will run through till 3pm.

Mandela Day calls on us all, every day, to make the world a better place. The message behind Mandela Day is simple – everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better. If each one of us heeds the call to simply do something good every day, we can live Nelson Mandela’s legacy and help build the country of our dreams.

So we invite you to be part of the Mandela Day (#MandelaDayWithDMF) 2019 Celebration designed to provide humanitarian assistance by Non-Food Items (NFI), Food Items, Health Insurance and SMEs Start-up Capital to identified vulnerable individuals in Limbe and around the South West Region.

Participation and Assistance Needed through Donations

  1. Detergents/Omo
  2. Soap
  3. Food Items
  4. Hygienic Products (sanitary pad)
  5. BEPHA Health Insurance Sponsorship (6000CFA/$12)
  6. SME Startup Capital
  7. Educational Scholarship(s)
  8. In Cash Donations
  9. T-shirts for those who will be present physically are available at 5000frs

You can make cash Donation(s) by using any of the methods below:

  1. MTN Mobile Money to 652 975 274 or Orange Money to 693 235 512 (Emilia Epeti Miki)
  2. Paypal to
  3. Cash App or Zelle to
  4. Visa or MasterCard at

Please note that in kind donations can easily be dropped off at our office situated at Limbe or you can come along with them on the day of the event. For more information get in touch with Miss Kevine Ndum our Communications Officer at 673062527.

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