I Watched Lionheart and Thought to Leave a Review

With so much hype going on about the Nigerian Movie Lionheart; I decided to take time off last night to watch the movie. It is important to note that this is similarly all what Nigerian movies are about and there is really nothing different to it.

The only difference would be that it got into Netflix like several other African movies like The Wedding Party, Chief Daddy, When Love Happens, When Love Comes Around, Couple of Days among several other movies from Nigeria, South Africa.

This right here is instead a movie I have watched a couple of times on NetFlix and which I will love to have more of it.

It is true the movie Lionheart promotes gender equality and is a good feminist movie. But it is similar to several others Genevive has starred in. I will say Nkem (Ukwa) made me laugh all through the movie as was expected of him. But then I will still stick to me saying there’s still something intriguing missing. That feeling that keeps the movie stuck on your mind and your heart was something I was looking for that I didn’t find. That feeling that will keep you going back to re-watch the whole movie from scratch. This is something I am still looking for in most of our storylines.

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  1. honestly, your review is sooo on point. The Wedding Party strikes me as the one of the only Nigerian Movies i got on replay. so i say brava with your analyses.

  2. Great review Emily Miki. I had the same feeling. You are on point. Immediately I could tell the end of the movie of which I was hoping for real suspense.

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